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    • Write down your desired DOMAIN NAME to check if it’s available.

    • If your domain is available you’ll be seeing this page and for you to choose your extension. (see above) These are free domain.


    • Select which option or extension, then click the Check Out button on the right upper part of this page.
    • Another page indicating your domain has been created.

    • Go to Period” and click on the drop down. Choose 12 @ FREE


    • Now you have a free Domain for One whole Year (Note: Be aware of the “RENEWAL DATE” unless you want to subscribe.)

    • Go ahead and ClickCONTINUE“.

    • Review & Checkout: Enter your Email Address then click Verify My Email Address
    • Go to your email and check for a link verification.

    • Click the Link and you be seeing this page.

    • Go to “SERVICES” Then Click on MY DOMAINS”.


    • Complete your details and click the box for TAC then click Complete Order.
    • An order Confirmation will appear.

    • Click “Manage Domain”.

    • Click “Management Tools” then “Nameservers
    • Click radio button for “Use custom Nameservers

    • Follow the instruction inside the image
    • Click “Change Nameservers


    The second portion of this guide is the “Hosting Setup”

    • Sign up for FREE ACCOUNT
    • Same email should be used for domain and hosting, Go to your email and look for InfinityFree confirmation email

    • You’ll be seeing this page and create aNEW ACCOUNT

    • Type your created page DOMAIN NAMEthen CREATE ACCOUNT (don’t forget teh captcha
    • Another prompt will appear. Click I APPROVE

    • Once you hit the “I APPROVE” bar, you will see this prompt and hit OPEN CONTROL PANEL

    • You are now on your CONTROL PANEL, Scroll down and click “SOFTACULOUS”

    • Hover your mouse to WORDPRESS then Click INSTALL

    • Before the installation take part, you need to complete this information.

    • This is an indication that you successfully installed WORDPRESS.

    Click the Administrative URL (The one with the /wp-admin) and you will be redirected to your own WordPress Dashboard.


    • Please make sure to write down all the username/email address and password you created from FREENOM, INFINITYFREE and your WORDPRESS ADMIN USERNAME & PASSWORD.
    • Everytime you want to access your wordpress admin account, you need to type your URL then place a slash then wp-admin

    THE 3rd portion is about WordPress:

    • Page
    • Post
    • Plugins
    • Themes
    • Appearance
    • Menu
    • Widget
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