Never Stop Learning

Upskill yourself

or upgrade your skill is very important for a freelancer, Even employers or any organization are betting to make efforts to re-train their employees, The speedy changes in technology and robotics replacing manual manpower and lower skilled jobs are threatened.

In terms of training, we have seen a lot of guides, video tips and tutorials from YouTube. Technical blogs and lessons are everywhere. Newfound software as a replacement for manual works is on the rise.

One of the leading sites I’m proud to share is “UDEMY” They have numerous types of training guides and varieties of topics to learn, from Technical lectures, Personal Development, Music, Academic, Health  & Fitness, they also have lectures for Parenting.

Here’s my conviction… 

  • People who provide information, people who teach you to grow, who mentor your personal development apparently became the foundation of your personality.
  • If you’re going to dig out the details how they set it up, it took them sometimes years to polished their craft, looking for the right word to make it more comprehensive, probably having hard times gathering their data just to make sure you learned from it
  • and not to mention of that plagiarism, copyright law, and publishing process.

As a learner,

it only took you 3 or 4 hours to sink it into your brain, understand, and apply the training. Can you imagine the disparity of how the author, the mentor, the trainer started the idea and how it ended, how it was capsulized? How much do you think it costs them to create one noble work?

While you, on the other hand, You don’t have to experience their hardships when in fact, you were given the chances and advantage to innovate and circumvent their teachings. That is why I strongly recommend to hone our skill and never stop learning by acquiring online tutorials and courses.

It’s just a money making campaign…

Yes, its true, They make money out of those tutorials but what’s in it for you, while taking the course you are starting to create a high call for the pedestal, you’re shielding yourself with skills, creating an additional credential that makes your persona as worthy as you think. Is that an exaggeration? It’s not! On a client perspective, I am going to look for one person who can do 3 different task and pay him for what he deserved instead of 3 person with different ability who sometimes doesn’t get along due to their egocentric indifference and eventually missed out the deadline.

The irony…

Someone says I’m ahead of you and we just shrugged our shoulders and accept the fact that it’s very true but not for Bill Gates when he said “I failed in some subjects in exam, but my friend passed in all. Now he is an engineer in Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft.” and “I studied everything but never topped… But today the toppers of the best universities are my employees.” until now he said that “I spend a lot of time reading.” He never stops learning, quite a fact that you can’t ignore, in the United States, the oldest person who graduated in college is 95 years and 10 is the youngest.

In the Philippines, four of ten fresh graduates and young job seekers are not hired because they lack three key qualities—critical thinking, initiative, and effective communication skills. “Each industry would have some sort of minimum standard. Not having met that is proof that the students don’t meet that standard.  The study showed that 40 percent of fresh graduates do not immediately get hired because of the deficiencies in these soft competencies,”

Never stop learning!

Those statistics were shown not to ostracise or make us feel pathetic. It’s an opportunity to break us free from the stigma of bigotry. In freelancing, there is no such thing as tenure, the continuous process improvement dictates that we need to go to a different level of learning. it’s a must for us to qualify and proved that we deserved to be one. Learning is fun so don’t stop. Never stop learning.



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