The Annoying “PM Sent”

James Deakin is one of the influencers I followed on Facebook, I’m also a part of his community @james.deakin. I happened to see his post about a quick survey titled “PM me for the price” and it’s really annoying to see those sellers posting an item while Facebook already provided a template that you can set a price tag. I managed to scroll and read most of the comments, some have points to consider though some of them reveal the inconsistency of the business and some made them a laughing stock with hilarious memes.

I also buy most of my stuff through the online store, I experienced dealing with buy & sell group who set their price tag and yet some still asking “HM” (How much?) then a reply of “PM Sent”.  My next move is to withdraw and find another seller. It’s not that I’m annoyed; it’s the credibility of the seller. I don’t want to single them out. We know that legit sellers need to work hard and make a profit, We also understand the competition inside the market is very stiff.

Item for Sale

There are sellers who are straightforward, they provided a price or the amount of the item embedded on the image

and some followed the instructions using a Facebook template

but the problem arises when the items delivered was not the actual description of the seller or shall we say, a fake one, a knockoff. To the buyer’s knowledge, it a good catch and also a good trap for the seller.

The law

If you received something of poorer quality or lesser quantity from a seller? Chances are you’ve been duped. Swindling happens when a seller sends you a product that is of a different quality, quantity, or material from what the seller placed on the description and promised and what you paid for. Swindling (or Estafa), which concerns most online scams is punishable under Article 315 of the Revised Penal Code.

Not a lot of people know this but you could also report individuals for theft if they refuse to fulfill their part of the transaction and run off with your money or with a product you had sent them. Theft is definitely against the law and is covered by Article 308 of the Revised Penal Code.

Any form of dishonesty by a seller before, during, and after a sale is punishable under Republic Act 7394, or the Consumer Act of the Philippines. This would mean that you could be fined or could even go to jail if you convince a buyer to enter into a sale through acts of concealment, false representation, or fraudulent manipulation.

A simple example of this would be when a seller tells a prospective buyer that a product that is brand new when it is in fact secondhand. Ever been duped into buying an expensive designer bag that turned out to be a counterfeit? You could also complain about violation of the Consumer Act of the Philippines.[1]

Disrespectful Seller

There are Buy and Sell Group and other groups inside Facebook, who are strick when it comes to individual post. If you post something suspicious because the description is incomplete or you present your product as original or authentic without proper records like distributor license or a simple official receipt that proves you bought the item and you want to sell it as second hand then might as well rephrase your description.

There was this seller who posts a set of an image about her  coffee shop and other women’s fashion design and the branding is great but the problem is, she posted it on a “Residential Properties For Rent” group and the admins’ word is “No Buy and Sell Ads Please!

As I’ve said earlier, we understand that the competition is very stiff but respect and with decency Is one factor to make your business grow.

Online Store

Lazada, Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress… you name it. A lot of online stores crowded the internet and they offer different types of items that fit your needs from local items to branded products. Some of them offer marketing affiliations and the trend of the market today is Dropshipping. However, there is this bottleneck and it boils into shipping.  I experienced this once when I ordered a “Drawing Tablet”. I phoned and email the seller and told me that it will take 4 weeks. Patiently I’ve waited but another 2 weeks have passed, I decided to cancel my order.

Lazada and other local dropshippers are so far the online stores who offer “Cash-On-Delivery”. They comply with the law when it comes to the terms of service, back charges, the policy of cancellation and warranty. If you’re going to visit their websites,  prior to your order, you can filter and set your own options, if you want a free shipping, a cash on delivery, or payments thru PayPal.

I’ve mentioned this word Dropshipping awhile ago and I wonder if the people who usually sell their products on Buy and Sell Group will go beyond to further their business then why not go into Dropshipping.  You can promote your product nationwide, with proper sets of legality on your side like the price tag, promoting a legal business,  you don’t even have to buy inventory because the Dropshipping method will teach you how to sell your product without the item in your hand and with that having said, you are no longer going to hear “HM” and instead of “PM sent” you’re just going to tell your customer.”Order sent”.


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