What Compels You To Become A Freelancer?

I’m a member of a group created on Facebook and I noticed a lot of new members asking questions about home-based-job or freelancing

• How to join Upwork
• How to get a client in Upwork
• How my profile will get approval from Upwork
• What is the right specification of a computer for freelancing in Upwork
• And so on…

Those are some of the usual questions you’ll see and numerous times answered by members who have experienced and encounter when battling their daily chores as a freelancer. Be it known that this is a good start, a different paradigm shift in your career and I’m not going to stop you from asking your queries. As Peter Abelard says “The key to wisdom is constant and frequent questioning.”

But my question is… What really compels you to decide to become a freelancer?
• Bored with my daily office job
• Too much traffic, 4 hours back and forth…
• Salary goes flatline
• Not helpful to save money.

I guessed those reasons were legit and at least no sarcasm like, “I’ve worked too much and my boss is the only one gets the credits”, I got reprimanded when this is the first time I didn’t meet my quota.” The company is the only get richer while I’m still here overly stagnant.”

Although we can say it’s also legit and probably, you just want to take responsibility for your own action and that is your reason why you decided to become a freelancer. Another reason I saw is when this lady posted and a question and doesn’t want to waste her time while in recuperation due to her surgery and she can’t afford not to be productive and she’s asking for advice on how to be one. The questions still remain why you decided to shift when you can have those benefits like Health card plus your dependent, Government deductions which I believed that they provided double percentage compare to voluntary remittances and another sort of benefits.
If you think that freelancing is a sort of moonlighting or a break to lose the chain, a hobby or a temporal job then you’re losing sight of the definition.

I consider freelancing as a business, my product is my skills and I market myself according to my client’s needs and requirements and with that being said, I need to prepare necessary materials, I need to invest and buy proper tools, the place I need to setup my virtual office, my communication port and as a law-abiding citizen, I’m aware of my liabilities like paying taxes and overheads.
I also want to express that freelancer and home-based job are two different entities, you can say that home-based job is a freelancer, don’t get me wrong! I’m not implying that those ads you saw on Facebook who invited you and recruited for binary networking or captcha typing and claiming it’s a home-based job. I have nothing against them, I respect their views but definitely, you know what I’m trying to say that in our type of business, not all freelancers are based inside your home.

I started freelancing as a TV technician, evolved in repairing electrical appliances such as washing machines, oven toaster, and the likes. I’ve learned things about motors and electrical windings until computer devices were introduced in the market. Since I understand power supply issues, I was able to cope up with it by reading articles about their functions in a computer, I solder diodes, capacitors, and transistor, socketed IC’s and that is also the first time I’ve encountered layered PCB (Printed Circuit Board)

I begun to understand specification, brand, models and even the tools I’m using instead of a soldering pen, I bought a hot air soldering machine to avoid melting the copper substrate. To make the story short, me as a freelancer, I go from a different location where my client wants me to repair their issues.

If your motivation in freelancing is half-hearted then you’ll see yourself going back to your office job. I did went back  and you might say I’m guilty as charged but not because I dripped away or burn out. It was force majeure. When my business was wiped out by the typhoon, my savings turn dilapidated, I need a job, I have mouths to feed and bills to pay. Fortunately, I was hired as a technical support but freelancing is my calling and before I resign, I’m in the staged of procrastination and contemplating if it’s the right decision.

While mustering my way out of my office job, I checked the viability of the business. I’ve learned that repair shop business declined due to the high call for computer literacy and the way how the technology works. While in the past you have to solder electronic parts, now you just have to pull out those interface card and replaced it with another socketed UI. Since I have those experienced with the previous work I decided to resign and get my feet back to freelancing.

A Church Pastor told me to try oDesk, he told me that it’s an online virtual job and you need to make a bid and send them a proposal (cover letter) and if they find you suitable for the job, they’ll pay you thru bank transfer. This is my first job with oDesk

I am now doing different jobs based on the recommendation of my previous clients, Aside from Upwork I also have local clients and other different online platforms. I encourage my colleagues and new members who have potentials to call high and be persistent in learning even the curve is too narrow. You need to see yourself in the anvil, pounding your skill and shaping you at your best.

In summary, you can read me within my line that I prepare myself. I took time searching, studying and learning. I’m vulnerable, I failed a lot of times but I’m still here answering questions and sharing thoughts. I’m grateful to other people who share their skill and did not even expect any returns so this is also my ways of paying it forward.


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