Freelancer While On Coffee Break


I remember the time when I used to work as a call center technical support, every time we have a coffee break, we were like Olympic’s sprint runner rushing to the company’s pantry because the coffee vending machine is also queuing and if you’re one of the unfortunate with luckless birthmark, you’ll end up with only sugar and hot water, no more coffee and no more cream.

In a home-based freelancing, you also encounter a lot of weird stuff, you’re the one who’s going to declare your coffee break every 10 minutes, your pantry is on the left side of your desktop computer and your personal refrigerator is on the right side. Your swivel chair is a combination of a sofa and a bed.

Let me share some of the unique ability and creativity of a freelancer.

  • You don’t want to go to the kitchen so you invented computerized bread toaster

  • You have a camping trip with your family and friends but you promise your client that you will finish the project no matter what.

  • While on a camping trip, they forgot to bring the grill, you don’t want to let your friends down and you share your super creativeness.

  • And when you get home, you manage to manage to solve your problem. You are really a solution provider and you still know what to do after the camping trip

And you were able to finish the project in no time and the reason why you’re so determined in doing this because you want to save money to buy your favorite A-pol product

  • A Mak A-pol

  • With A-Pol Pencil

  • A-pol MP3

  • A-Pol Watch


Coffee break is over!


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